Community World Music

Past Contributors

Musical Director: Gemma Horbury

The Orke's first encounter with the spirited Gemma Horbury was when she took a turn at conducting the rabble in 2011. Proving to be an instant hit with members with her lively rehearsals and bold command of a wide variety of folk repertoire, the Orke invited Gem to join as its permanent musical director in 2012.

Over the next four years, Gem took the Orke on a journey of discovery through new music styles and exotic playing techniques. From the little things like helping beginners find their first steps through improvisation to the grander scale of colloboration projects with the local talent and other community groups, Gem always delivered the energy and soul to keep things interesting and provide learning opportunities.

With the inspiration of member Cath Ferla, Gem conceived of the renowed Darebin Music Feast Composition Competition. In recognising that there should be more opportunities at a grass-roots level for composers of instrumental music, Gem and Cath created the competition to provide that rare opportunity for local musicians to not only have their own music performed by a large ensemble to a grand audience, but also to grab a chance to win prizes that could actually make a lasting difference to the winner’s career.

In 2016, the Orke finally bid farewell to Gem as she decided to pass the baton on and continue to broaden her musicial experiences. Although the Orke will miss her charm, enthusiasm and creativity, her legacy of making the space for musicians of all backgrounds to have fun and learn shall live on.
Gemma with the members of TEK TEK Ensemble, in which she stars on trumpet